Unlocking the Energy Transition

The Energy Transition is the single biggest global transformation programme ever undertaken with its impact being felt by all. We work with businesses to help them unlock the potential presented by the energy transition.


Our Business

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to businesses operating within and around the energy transition space.

Our popular Glow™ programme is designed specifically for unlocking the maximum potential within the Energy Transition. By aligning whole teams and workforces, we help individuals and organisations to understand their contribution to the energy transition and the impact they can make.

We are also showcasing 250 energetic leaders who are making a game changing impact on the energy transition!

Energy Investments

We are always keen to speak to partners about investment opportunities within the Energy Transition space. Through our own team and our strong associate network we are able to invest directly in energy projects as well as providing consultancy support to governments and other third parties. Our team has energy investment experience in

  • Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Europe

  • Middle East

  • Latin America

Projects & Programmes

From one-off commissions to longer term frame agreements, we provide project and programme support to businesses operating within and around the energy transition space. Contact us to see how we can help with your requirements. We specialise in

  • Governance & Assurance including Audits

  • Optimising Business Delivery Models (Stage-Gate Processes)

  • Developing Process Frameworks

  • Embedded Delivery Teams

Performance & Wellbeing

Powered by our in-house cbteach model, we support businesses operating within and around the energy transition space to optimise the wellbeing and performance of their workforce.

  • Spirit for Individual Health

  • Sense for Team Health

  • Spark for Business Health

  • LinkedIn

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